Kids + Dairy Symptoms


For decades, families have been taught that cow’s milk is an essential component of a healthy diet. Yet, dairy makes millions of people sick, for a variety of reasons.

Is dairy necessary for health? Absolutely not.

In fact, all the nutrients in cow’s milk are readily available from other sources.

Dairy can even be the root cause of numerous health problems—especially in children.

Through our KiDS educational program, we help physicians and dietitians better understand the negative health consequences of dairy consumption.

We provide FREE educational resources that healthcare professionals can use to help parents confidently navigate their families’ diets without dairy products.

Our ADD SOY Act Gives Kids Healthier Choices

We are working on an exciting initiative to provide healthy, dairy-free milk for kids in school.

Our dream is to give America’s kids a dairy-free milk option at school that won’t make them sick. But we need your help to get the bill passed!